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They’re extremely sturdy and have already proven time and time again to stop a large amount of snow and slush from ending up on the car rather than in the wheelwell or back on the ground. Even in the rain it’s easy to tell that the side of the car remains cleaner longer and is covered less by grime and the likes that get tossed up once the precipitation starts falling.

Ross Ballot,

I installed these on my 2017 WRX STI. The installation process took less than one hour total for all four corners. In fact I believe I could install all four in less than 30 minutes if I had to do a second time. The kits include all the needed hardware, including washers, brackets, spacers, and screws. 

C. Nofar

Quality mud flaps! Great product, great value. These installed exactly as described and are a lot thicker and sturdier than others I have seen. These do NOT flap in the wind by any means and will certainly block a rock if need be.


Our Story

ROKBLOKZ is a small, family-owned company based out of Orem, UT since 2011.

We started this project out of a passion for small, fast cars. (We love Subies!) Our entire purpose and objective since day one is to provide our customers with the highest quality rally mud flaps at the best price possible.

Our Protective rally mud flaps are CNC machined from a proprietary polyurethane-based material. Retaining the incredible durability of polyurethane, our mud flaps are more rigid than pure polyurethane. They're very flexible without being flappy. This means our mud flaps will hold their shape at speed while offering real protection for your ride, instead of just flapping around in the wind like some cheaper options out there.

Even in the cold, our material is formulated to withstand extreme cold and remain flexible. It's proven itself to survive abuse up in harsh winters, even on lowered cars.

RokBlokz mud flaps are proudly made in the USA and shipped all over the world.

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