Dodge Charger

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Dodge Charger

Who doesn't love American Muscle! Well we sure do. When we had the opportunity to have a 2019 Dodge Charger in our shop for a fitment of our new Spat line, we couldn't say no!

This is the 7th Gen Charger Skat Pack! Not only was it beautiful inside and out, but the sound it makes was amazing! 

We had a lot of fun designing these spats so that they would enhance the looks of the car, not be too intrusive but still provide great coverage to save that beautiful paint!


This kit follows the recent addition for the Ford Mustang GT350 to the Rokblokz lineup. We plan to add more options for the American Muscle Cars over the coming months! Let us know what cars you would like to see added.

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  • John Petro IV

    I had your rokblokz on my Ford Focus and truly appreciated the coverage they provided. I now have a 2019 Challenger RT that I need the same protection for. I have an 800’ long gravel driveway that I really need to protect my car from. Thanks for your help with your awesome product.

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