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📦🚚 Most Items ship within 1-2 business days. 🚚📦


Toyota GR Corolla 2023+ Window Vents

Original price $99.99 - Original price $134.99
Original price
$99.99 - $134.99
Current price $134.99


  • MULTIPLE USES: Versatile for various activities, including daily driving, traveling with pets, vehicle camping, track days, and overlanding adventures
  • IMPROVE COMFORT AT THE TRACK: Circulate fresh air and cool down without using A/C.
  • PET-FRIENDLY VENTILATION: Fresh airflow for Benji, peace of mind for you knowing he isn't jumping out.
  • REDUCED WIND TURBULENCE: Minimizes in-cabin wind noise and turbulence, providing a quieter and more enjoyable daily driving experience.
  • MAKE A STATEMENT AT CAR SHOWS: The sleek, race-inspired design is perfect for enhancing your vehicle's look.
  • OVERLANDING COMPANION: Keep dust, bugs, moisture, and foggy windows out while maintaining airflow, perfect for camping and outdoor adventures.
  • SOFT RUBBER TRIM: Wont scratch or damage windows or tint.
  • GENUINE FROGZSKIN COVERS: Hydrophobic Mesh that repels water and dust while allowing airflow, superior to traditional screen meshes.
  • EASY INSTALL: Slides into the factory window track, and locks in with the window.

    Each Rokblokz window vent kit for the 2023+ GR Corolla, comes with 2 window vents in the options selected at checkout. There will be a right and a left vent fitting the rear windows.

    2019+ Toyota Corolla Hatchback
    2023+ GR Corolla

    Not confirmed on 12th Gen Corolla Sedan models
    Any other Make/Model vehicle

    RokBlokz Window Vents are a top-tier upgrade aimed at a diverse group of drivers, including track enthusiasts, daily commuters, pet owners, overlanders, and car show aficionados. These vents significantly improve cabin ventilation, offering a quieter and more pleasant driving experience by reducing wind turbulence and noise. For pet owners, they provide a safer environment for pets to enjoy fresh air without the risks associated with open windows. Adventurers and campers will appreciate the vents for their ability to keep out dust, bugs, and moisture while allowing air to circulate, maintaining a comfortable interior atmosphere.

    The sleek, aggressive design of RokBlokz Window Vents boosts the vehicle's look, signaling a commitment to performance and style. Installation is straightforward and does not require permanent modifications, making them an appealing option for drivers seeking practical and visual upgrades. Constructed from durable materials, these vents are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and outdoor adventures.

    Key Features:

    • Optimized Air Circulation: Enjoy fresh, cool air in your Corolla without the need for air conditioning, reducing energy consumption and ensuring a comfortable ride.
    • Pet Safety: Travel with peace of mind knowing your pets can enjoy fresh air in a secure environment, thanks to the vents' design that allows windows to remain fully up so they can't jump out.
    • Ideal for Outdoor Adventures: Whether you're vehicle camping or overlanding, these vents provide the ventilation you need while keeping the elements out, enhancing your connection to the outdoors without compromising comfort.
    • Sleek, Race-Inspired Aesthetics: Elevate your vehicle's show presence with the sleek, modern design of RokBlokz's window vents. Their race-inspired appearance adds a touch of sophistication and allure, making your vehicle stand out at shows, competitions, and wherever you go.
    • Quality and Durability: RokBlokz's commitment to quality means these vents are built to last, using high-grade materials that ensure durability and reliability.
    • Exclusive FROGZSKIN Mesh: Equipped with hydrophobic, woven polyester FROGZSKIN Mesh that repels water and dust while allowing free airflow, superior to traditional screen meshes.
    • Quick and Secure Installation: Simply lower the window, set the top of the vent into place in the window upper window track, and raise the window back up until it is snug in the lower vent trim. Once installed, the window vents are secure. Simply roll down your window to remove.

    Experience the Difference: Opting for RokBlokz Window Vents means choosing an accessory that improves your vehicle's comfort, functionality, and look. They are perfect for anyone looking to Improve their driving experience across a variety of conditions and uses. With their easy installation and design that complements any vehicle, RokBlokz Window Vents offer a versatile, stylish, and practical solution for drivers who demand the best. Designed for the daily commuter, the adventure seeker, and everyone in between, these vents ensure that your GR Corolla is equipped to handle the demands of any journey.

    *To prevent loss of product while installed, we recommend turning the "Window Lock" on once window vents are in place.

    Please use at your own risk. Rokblokz is not liable for any damage due to improper installation. Please do not leave animals in a parked car unattended. 



    Rokblokz will install on the inside of the vent. If you would like your mesh on the outside, you will need to order the mesh separately or just switch the Left vent to the right side.