Decal Set of 4 for Mud Flaps

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Rokblokz "RB" logo replacement decal set of 4 for your mud flaps in the color of your choice.

These decals are a heavy duty, super sticky vinyl material.

We've found that most typical vinyl won't adhere well to our mud flap material (which means grime and gunk won't either) but this special vinyl does a great job!

We used a vinyl decal for our flaps to give people the easy option of swapping out to different colors if they want to change things up or just refresh the look if the logos get a little banged up from having some fun ;)

Make sure to clean your flap really well with a de-greaser then use an alcohol wipe. Don't apply in the cold as the adhesive will not be able to properly bond with the flap. Car washes can be harmful to your decals :)