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Most orders ship within 24-48 business hours!
Most orders ship within 24-48 business hours!


FAQ: Rokblokz Bronco Mud Flaps

FAQ: Rokblokz Bronco Mud Flaps

Will the Rokblokz mud flaps work with factory rock rails? What about OEM and aftermarket Step options?

- Our kit was designed to mount perfectly with the OEM rock rail and side step. We have not confirmed it with any other rail or step options, but with the research we have done, it seems that most other options do not extend as far forward as the OEM Rock Rail. This means that our kit may work perfectly with most options out there.

Rokblokz Bronco flaps w/oem rail

How do I know if my crash bar is removed?

- If your Bronco has the sasquatch package then your crash bar was removed at the factory. The Wildtrak and Everglades Models come standard with the sasquatch package so they will not have the crash bar.  

On any other Bronco trim it is very common to remove the crash bar when adding larger than stock tires. Please see the photo below to  compare to your vehicle.

Bronco G6 Crash Bar vs No Crash Bar

Will the mud flaps be available in different colors?

- Our Bronco flaps will be available in Black as well as all of our custom colors. Custom colors include: RED, DEEP BLUE, BRIGHT BLUE, LIME GREEN, ORANGE, DEEP PURPLE, GREY, OLIVE DRAB and YELLOW.


Is there anything I can do if I experience tire Rubbing?

- Yes, there are a couple of solutions.

First, we include a low profile mounting solution in the hardware kit that uses button head screws instead of the quick release thumb screws. We also offer an upgraded version of this with our custom "Rokblokz" dress washers.

And Second, we have found that if you remove the plastic box thing behind the wheel well liner, you can push the bracket back to add some additional clearance. 

You will remove the 5 or so plastic rivet inserts on the fender liner. Then there are 3 bolts in the plastic box. Remove those and then the box will come right out. Replace the liner. Mount the flap to the bracket and slide back as far as possible (this will depend on when your flap starts hitting the body or rock rail or such) and tighten the brackets back down. 
When rock crawling and experiencing some flex in the suspension, you will still need to remove the front flaps, but that is the reason they are quick detach. 

How far past the fenders will the flaps extend?

- On narrow fenders our XL flaps extend about 2.5" past the edge of the fender. The Original size flaps would only poke out about 1" past those fenders.

Will the Rokblokz Mud Flap kit for the Bronco be quick release?

- Yes! We knew this would be a vehicle that is used on all kinds of trails, so we wanted to make sure our flaps were easy to remove for the gnarly obstacles. Quickly remove flaps with just 2 thumb screws on each flap.

What will the difference between sizes look like?

- The photos below show the difference between the XL and the XL LONG. The Long flaps are almost 2" longer.  The XL is about 1.5" Wider than the ORIGINAL size flaps. The length on the original kit is about the same as seen in the photos below.

How do they mount?

- The Rokblokz Mud Flap kit for the 2021+ Bronco comes with proprietaty brackets for both the front and rear flaps which allow us to utilize OEM mounting points and keep install simple, no drill and quick release!

How do I Purchase a Kit?

- Go to the following link:

- When making your selections, be sure to select "YES (T453X1)" on the "Crash Bar Removed" Question if your vehicle has the sasquatch package(standard on Wildtrack and Everglades Models). If you have added larger tires, the front rear crash bar has also most likely been removed.

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Lee McLeod - August 23, 2022

Will these work with Sasquatch fenders?

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