What size mud flaps will my Bronco need?

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What size mud flaps will my Bronco need?

We are aware that there are many different configurations for the new 6th gen Bronco, so we have created multiple sizes to offer the most coverage while still looking good!  In order to help you select the best size option for your Bronco, we have come up with the following guide.

Please answer the following questions:

1) What size fenders CAME on my Bronco?

2) Does my Bronco sill have the crash/intrusion bar installed?

    • Broncos running larger than 33" tires will need to remove the crash/intrusion bar.
    • Broncos with the SASQUATCH Package come with 35" tires and thus will have had the crash bar removed at the factory. 
    • ***Crash bar mount must be present as our brackets bolt to the mount not the removeable bar.



3) Are my wheels/tires aftermarket? Are they larger than stock?

    • For STOCK Broncos with narrow fenders (not the same as a fender delete), we recommend our Original size flaps. Or if you want a little more protection the Original Long flaps.
    • For Broncos with Narrow fenders but aftermarket wheels with more offset(backspacing) or spacers pushing the wheel out past the fender, we recommend moving up to the XL or XL Long flaps.
    • Broncos with the wider/high clearance fenders (Sasquatch package) will require the XL or XL Long flaps depending on the amount of flap vs coverage you want. 

See our fitment guide for additional help https://rokblokz.com/pages/2021-bronco-fitment-guide


We designed our Bronco Mud Flap kit to work with up to 35" tires with stock or close to stock wheel offset/backspacing. The flaps are designed to work with the factory rock rails. This kit is also designed to be slightly adjustable in and out as well as being quick release so that you can quickly take the front/rear or all flaps off when on those gnarly rock crawling trails. 

Be sure to email us at support@rokblokz.com with any additional questions before placing your order! 

If you are not already on the list click HERE to be notified when the Bronco kit is available.


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