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New Product Update: 2019+ Hyundai Veloster

New Product Update: 2019+ Hyundai Veloster

We have been excited to do a fitment on this car since it was released, and we have recently been able to get one in our shop. Upon first glance, these are super sporty little hot hatches...then you notice that they only have 3 doors. While this is great for getting in and out of the rear seats, it does throw off the symmetry of the body lines. Luckily you don't generally see both sides at the same time ;) so this is not really an issue.  Over all the updated look is a huge improvement to the outgoing veloster and gives it a very modern look. 
The new lineup is full of options and includes the base Veloster, the 2.0 Premium, the Veloster Turbo R-Spec, Veloster Turbo and the Veloster Turbo Ultimate as well as the high performance N version to compete with cars such as the Subaru WRX and the Ford Focus ST.  Unlike the 1st generation Veloster all trim levels for the 2nd generation now come stadnard with the upgraded multi-link suspension and torque vectoring control that were previously only available on the turbo models.  However the Turbo model does have upgraded steering and better suspension. The new veloster non turbos are also now more powerful than the outgoing generation. Their 2.0L I4 NA engine is an upgrade from the 1.6L coming in at 147 hp and 132 lb-ft of torque which when coupled with the 6 speed transmission and the size of this car is actually pleasantly surprising for a non turbo car. 
This car had a really good looking interior. The two tone seats and contrasting stitching was very sporty and looked super sharp. It looked very modern and up to date with the center screen looking like it should rise up out of the dash. On top of this looking so fresh, the rest of the controls were very organized and user friendly. It was easy to find the buttons needed without studying them really hard. 
We are excited to announce that our Mud flap kit for the 2nd generation Veloster is now live on the website. As with all of our other kits, this was designed on this car for optimal fit, look and performance. As with the majority of our other kits, we offer this one in 2 sizes. Rokblokz created the original length to offer optimal wheel spray protection for those who like to keep more of a stock look. The original will work on lowered cars but may rub on bumps or dips so we created the Short length for those who like to add more go-fast parts and lower their car. The short will offer the same protection but is about an inch higher off the ground than the Original length to accommodate the lowered stance.  Rokblokz offers multiple flap and logo color options to allow you to create the perfect look for your car!
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Julie - March 15, 2022

Are the flaps for the Veloster universal across all trims? Will the ones I bought for my 2020 2nd Gen 2.0 fit the 2020 2nd gen Veloster N?

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