Bronco 2021+ Permanent Mounting Hardware

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If you ordered our Mud Flap kit for the 21+ Bronco and don't plan to need the quick detach feature, this kit is for you. It will replace the thumb screws with a dressy washer that can still be removed with a 4mm Allen key.

If you find that your tires rub the thumb screw heads due to larger size, wheel offset or the addition of spacers, this option can also streamline the mounting and give you a bit more space.

With this kit you can also add a touch of personalization to the mounting hardware with your choice of color.

Kits Available in BLACK, RED, ORANGE, or BLUE

Each kit includes:

  • 8 washers etched with the ROKBLOKZ logo in your choice of color
  • 8 M6 Screws matching the lengths of the Quick Release Screws included in the hardware kit