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Most orders ship within 24-48 business hours!
Most orders ship within 24-48 business hours!


Jeep Gladiator (JT) 2020+ Quick Release Mud Flaps

Original price $84.99 - Original price $237.99
Original price
$84.99 - $237.99
Current price $237.99
Please factor in 3-7 Business Days for Processing and Assembly.


  • For the 2020+ Gladiator Only
  • Tool-less quick detach front and rear flaps.
  • Front flaps help keep mud off the body, especially the door handles. It protects against most dings and scratches along the body, but as with any worn item, it will not make you bulletproof.
  • Available in multiple size and length combinations to provide great coverage on stock and modified vehicles.
  • Mount using existing OEM mounting locations. NO cutting, drilling, or welding. (*some modification to flaps may be required depending on your trim level.)
  • Clears up to 40" Tires.
  • Lightweight and extremely durable, engineered to endure the harshest environments from the desert heat to the arctic cold.
  • Flexible but with a semi-rigid characteristic that allows them to retain their shape at speed and effectively block tire spray (we're not into flappy mud flaps). Also resists getting sucked into the tire.
  • Flaps and logos available in multiple colors. **If your logo color choice won't work, that is a custom request and you will have to leave it in the notes at checkout.
  • Requires unmodified OEM Front fenders.
  • Please see our F.A.Q. Section if you have additional questions. 
  • Ships in 2 boxes that may come on different days.


Each full kit comes with 4 flaps (front and rear), heavy-duty powder coated steel brackets for the rear, a complete kit of stainless steel and rust-resistant mounting hardware, and installation instructions to fit factory hole locations.

2020+ Jeep Gladiator (JT)

Most trim levels including Rubicon, Mojave, Willys etc.
Designed on the RUBICON fenders but will also fit the Sport, Sport S

High Altitude Trim
Aftermarket or SPLIT/Modified OEM FENDERS
Any other Jeep Model
Some Non USDM models may have slight differences

-ORIGINAL was designed for those who like to keep a stock set up, but want some paint protection. This size is good for stock tires up to about 34 inches.
-ORIGINAL LONG is the same width, but adds about 2" on the bottom edge for those who don't need/want the added width of XL but want maximum protection from wheel spray.
-XL is about 1-2" wider and 1-2" longer for those who run lifts and/or higher offset wheels that poke past the fenders.  This size is good for tires from about 35 inches up to about 40 inches.  
-XL LONG is the same width, but adds about 2" on the bottom edge for those who want maximum protection.

Please note that this kit was designed on a stock USDM vehicle. When modifying body panels, wheels or suspension, you may have to modify the flaps to work with those changes. If you have any questions before you purchase, please see our FAQ below or email us with any questions.

Rokblokz Mud Flaps are available in BLACK, RED, YELLOW, GREY, DEEP BLUE, BRIGHT BLUE, ORANGE, LIME GREEN, OLIVE DRAB, and DEEP PURPLE. Colors other than Black are considered Custom as they are made to order.

Screen resolution, lighting, and surroundings all affect how colors present. If you are questioning how well the color will match, please order a set of sample colors HERE.

Please note that a shopping cart quantity of 1 refers to the number of kits you are selecting not the number of flaps. In this listing, you are purchasing 4 mud flaps and all accompanying hardware and brackets.

FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous U.S.
International shipping is available. You can see pricing in the shopping cart. Please note that International Taxes and Duties are the responsibility of the buyer and can be paid at checkout.

**Please note that aftermarket exhaust could affect the mounting of the rear brackets.**

You may also request the front flaps without the partial hole cut out if you either don't have the OEM Rubicon Rock Sliders and/or need to modify the flaps yourself for other rock sliders/side steps.  Just make sure to leave a NOTE when ordering saying "NO PARTIALLY CUT HOLE PLEASE".

RokBlokz Quick Release mud flaps for the 2020+ Jeep Gladiator (JT) mud flaps are CNC laser cut from a proprietary material specifically designed to endure the harshest environments from extremely hot climates to extremely cold ones. They offer excellent protection from harsh road debris and gravel. The Gladiator (JT) kit fits all trim levels including the Sport, mid-level Sport S, luxurious Overland, the off-road-ready Rubicon and Mojave, as well as the Launch Edition.

The unique blend of polymers in our mud flaps gives them the specific ability to remain rigid enough to not flap in the wind, flexible enough to bend and give over obstacles, and durable enough to take whatever abuse you can throw at them. Rokblokz mud flaps can bend, flex, give, even scrape and drag without breakage.



- Do your flaps work with aftermarket fenders?

The FRONT FLAPS work with the OEM fenders ONLY. They will not mount on aftermarket fenders, modified or SPLIT OEM fenders. 

The REAR FLAPS are mounted using a heavy-duty powder-coated steel bracket that is mounted to the frame so they are unaffected by modifying the fenders or running aftermarket fenders.

- Will these work with rock rails and side steps?

They are designed with the shape of the OEM Rubicon Rock Rails partially cut out, simply cut the tabs and remove the shape allowing the Rubicon Rock Rails to pass through the front flap.

Many other rock rails/side steps do not come as far forward as the OEM Rubicon sliders do and will not interfere with our mud flaps. See pics for more details.  If you have the MOPAR PERFORMANCE RAILS you will either need to extend the pre-designed hole (easiest option) or cut your own hole as those are not the same as the stock Rubicon rails.

You may also request the front flaps without the partial hole cut out if you either don't have the OEM Rubicon Rock Sliders and/or need to modify the flaps yourself for other rock sliders/side steps.  Just make sure to leave a NOTE when ordering saying "NO PARTIALLY CUT HOLE PLEASE".

- Will the flaps work with aftermarket bumpers?

The REAR FLAPS are mounted using a heavy-duty powder-coated steel bracket that is mounted to the Frame so they are unaffected by running aftermarket bumpers.

- How do the flaps mount that allows them to be quickly removed?

The REAR FLAPS are mounted to a heavy-duty powder-coated steel bracket that mounts directly to the Frame of the Vehicle. This bracket makes it possible to adjust the flaps in and out to account for a range of tire size and wheel offset. Because of this bracket system, you can easily remove the flaps without any tools right on the side of a trail if needed.   

- What vehicles will this kit work with?

This listing is for the 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT only. This kit will not work for the wrangler but will work on all Gladiator trims including the Sport, mid-level Sport S, luxurious Overland, the off-road-ready Rubicon and Mojave, as well as the Launch Edition. It will also work with the Eco Diesel model with stock exhaust. ***Sport and Max Tow Fenders will require a lip on the fender liner to be trimmed for proper mounting of the Flaps.

- Can I buy only the Front or Rear set?

Front ONLY and Rear ONLY Kits are available as an option in the Placement Option (they come with ONLY the 2 front flaps or the 2 rear flaps along with all mounting hardware, brackets, and installation instructions).

- Can I mix and match sizes?

Yes, but the pricing will be different than a whole kit in the same size as it becomes a custom order. You will have to go to the individual front or rear listing and add the desired size to your cart on each listing.

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