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Is the Ford F-150 Lightning going to make EV's popular?

Is the Ford F-150 Lightning going to make EV's popular?

          At Rokblokz we get excited about new vehicle innovations and it seems like Ford has started taking the EV route which is very exciting. Ford has fully committed to the EV truck and did not take any shortcuts with the Lightning. It is coming with so many features and technological gadgets that are going to make your life easier and allow you to tackle anything. We are very excited about this vehicle because Ford may have just created a standard for all future EV trucks. I don't know if it's too soon to say but the lightning could have more tech gadgets and utilization than the cyber truck. The most impressive out of all the things the Lightning can do is that if there is ever a light outage, you can power your home through your truck (with proper equipment) for 3 whole days! (Or 10 days if you are more conservative with energy). We know that Ford has shown a lot of construction workers using the utility in this truck but we see so many types of usage from this for example, Search and Rescue would be able to use this truck since they would be able to get to a site and instantly be able to use power and charge up or use their equipment. But don't worry you can also use this truck for the weekends with it being able to haul a camper easily and be able to handle off-road terrain since it’s 4x4 capable. And with all the power outlets available in the bed of the truck you will be able to just start up a grill to get your grub on whether you are camping or tailgating at a game. 

         The Lightning comes with driving modes that will allow you to adapt and change depending on the condition you are driving. With four modes: Sport, Normal, Tow-Haul, and Off-Road you will be able to take on whatever you have planned for the day. The sport gives you a different gas pedal mapping and a more responsive steering wheel. The Tow-Haul mode gives you the ability to have a payload of 2,000 and tow 10,000 pounds with the extended battery range battery and Maximum Trailer Tow Package. The new Pro trailer backup assist comes with Pro Trailer Hitch Assist which is pretty awesome, it controls steering, throttle, and brake inputs to align the ball hitch under the trailer coupler. This is game changing for people that are always towing things your car can back up to the ball hitch for you which is awesome. Now when it comes to the Off-Roading mode there will be a change in the pedal mapping giving you a soft pedal that will give you more control so your tires will not spin out. One of the main questions that people will ask is how well will the electricals and motors do since they are underneath the vehicle. Well, Ford has something already planned for that. They know that Lightning owners will want to take their trucks into the trails. That is why they have taken no shortcuts in this department by putting the batteries in a waterproof casing with a protective exoskeleton with an underbody metal skid plate to protect them. So you know that your vehicle will be able to take on the trails and whatever beating the car takes.

         Now let's talk about the specs on this vehicle: Ford F-150 lightning is going to be able to pump out 563 HP with the extended range battery. For a quick comparison the 2020 Ford raptor pushes out 450 HP the lightning will have 113 more horsepower then that raptor. And peak torque at an impressive 775 lb-ft with either battery setup. It can hit 0-60 in 4.5 seconds so when it comes to speed you have that with this truck. The way that it can achieve these numbers is since it has a front and rear motor giving it AWD. These numbers in general are just impressive and being able to see this in an EV truck is awesome. As well as seeing all the possible utility functions that the Ford lightning brings just gets us excited to see what else is possible with electric vehicles. The Ford F-150 Lightning is due to be ready for deliveries by Spring of 2022 so stay up to date with Rokblokz on the new Ford F-150 Lightning. 

         Here at Rokblokz, we try to stay up to date on all vehicles that are getting released and that we are excited about, we cannot wait to see what else will be shown about it. Follow Rokblokz to get the latest on any upcoming car truck or UTV info as well visit our store for the best and most premium mud flaps in the market.

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